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Sales of Complex
Technical Products

We have known it for a long time: Everything is a cycle. Ecosystems depend on each other. Share prices, stock market psychology and the behavior of companies are mutually dependent. Small things decide whether a Circulation becomes a magical cycle – or a vicious circle.

The same applies to the distribution of complex technical products. Sales cannot be effective on its own. How do the markets respond? What do the key customers say? How disruptive is the business developing? How visionary is the company’s development? How does the company manage its sales department and link its daily insights with the company‚Äôs strategy? And how well is all this translated into benefits for the customer?

I get the market-distribution-company cycle in high gear. – Since 1992, for companies like Elsa, NVIDIA and Pro2. And for you!

The cycle

Real momentum is created when powerful teams from all areas of the company work together to create something new.

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Practical examples

The following six practical examples will show you how the magic cycle picked-up speed again in the market, the company and in sales.

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About me

Learn more about me, my career and what challenges I would like to solve for my clients in the coming months.