Desired Projects 2021/22

As a man of conviction, I regularly ask myself what challenges I would like to solve for my clients in the coming months. In 2021/22 its these:

Market Expansion and Sales Reorganization in the SME Sector

In a medium-sized technology company, turnover and results fall short of the plan. After a short and intensive analysis, I prioritize the root causes and implement aligned action options throughout the company, mostly in different areas at the same time. This is how I get the crucial cycle back on track again. Positive side effects: better communication with customers, improved processes in production, logistics and sales – the basis for sustainable growth.

Advisory Board Member and Interim CEO of High-Tech Start-Ups, for Example on Behalf of the Investor

High-tech start-ups around the world work on technically complex ideas, for example in the medical field and in the application of AI algorithms in production. In order to secure the investments, it is beneficial to provide these companies with comprehensive advice on sales and organization, as this can significantly accelerate market access and increase the value of the company. Impending failure can be recognized at an early stage and avoided. As an advisory board member, I can contribute my contacts and experience. I will exercise a certain amount of control and feedback. As interim CEO, I lead the company and provoke the necessary structures, which are important in addition to the technical development. High speed and high sales success are thus ensured.

Product Launch from Asia or the USA

Companies based in Asia or the USA with leading products in the high-tech industry want to successfully establish their market entry in Europe and build local structures. In close coordination with the parent company, I establish contacts with official bodies, raise funding opportunities, develop customers, representatives and marketing partners. The establishment of subsidiaries and the drafting of contracts with customers and partners are just as much part of the portfolio as sales generation and the organization of delivery logistics.

Market Entry in Europe for High-Tech Companies and Establishment of Foreign Subsidiaries

A young, rapidly growing high-tech company would like to enter foreign markets with its products. After defining the country priorities, I am the “first man” in the new market and, through contacts with local chambers of commerce, customers or representatives, lay the foundation for the successful establishment and market development up to a defined size. I then organize the handover and continue to be available for advice.

Linking Mechanical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence/Electronics

Classic mechanical engineering will only remain significant in this country if it reinvents itself, for example through further automation using AI. Building on the classic PLC control, I would like to bring companies that want to develop innovative products or make their production more effective together with those who have the know-how to calculate the necessary reactions from the measurement data. Most of the time, these are start-ups, but I am also very keen to work with established medium-sized companies.

The cycle

Real momentum is created when powerful teams from all areas of the company work together to create something new.

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Practical examples

The following six practical examples will show you how the magic cycle picked-up speed again in the market, the company and in sales.

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