Heading for New Shores!

I was born in 1965 and grew up in Belgium, north of Antwerp. In bilingual schools and thanks to a European matriculation, I quickly gained a taste for internationality. I enjoy working in several countries, which is also reflected in my working languages: German, English, French and Dutch. A sentence in one’s own language has already moved mountains with many a business partner.

Technically, execution was always more important to me than all the grey theory. Already during my studies at the RWTH Aachen University (degree: Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering specialization Communications Engineering, MSc.) I developed and programmed the first color space computer that could convert one color space into another without delay (e.g. CMY to RGB) and was pleased about an exhibition at the CEBIT 1993.

Subsequently, I realized time and again that I was better at doing things than at theoretical research. This marked my path into sales and management, although I never lost my interest in technical contexts and products. Only a well-understood product can be sold authentically.

A lot of things come together in a long (professional) life. Therefore, you will find selected stations and facts in my career here – please feel free to contact me for more.