The cycle »A good sales force develops the company. And vice versa.«

Sales – Strategy – Leadership – Markets – Customers. Naturally, everything is interrelated; and yet the individual groups often operate on islands. Especially in technology companies. The company outlines its strategy, sales implements it, the market reacts. Ideally, the sales department reacts to the market. Done.

A real leap forward occurs however when international teams from all fields of the operation collaborate vigorously. When they create something new together. When they classify information not according to where it belongs, but according to how the company can exploit the respective information in the best possible way for its own success.

In this sense, I get the cycle of company development – sales – and customer in high gear. As interim manager and consultant, I form interdisciplinary teams, initiate growth with the sales department and work with you to exploit the information gained to develop corporate strategy and innovation. We talk about leading sales teams as well as market development, venturing into new territory and solving entrenched situations.

I work in German, English, French or Dutch. My multilingualism is beneficial in many projects. A sentence in local language frequently creates miracles in communication. This much targeted dynamism impacts. Short term in the market, medium term in innovations and long term in the development of the company.

Practical examples

The following six practical examples will show you how the magic cycle picked-up speed again in the market, the company and in sales.

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Desired Projects

As a man of conviction, I regularly ask myself what challenges I would like to solve for my clients in the coming months.

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